The Chanel 19 Bag Is Set To Be The It Bag Of 2020

I also love this bag so much because of the mixed metals on the strap. The chain is a combination of both gold and silver which I think looks stunning. I also love that the strap has leather on it too so it’s not just all chain.

First thing that’s super noticeable is the difference between the shapes of those bags. I don’t like the straps especially the long strap that has both gold and silver hardware. I looked at the stitching, the leather and the overall finish and thought, no way would I pay more than $5000 for this. Go look at a similarly priced Moynat bag and the differences in quality are striking.

Actually I love my maxi tweed CHANEL 19, it’s a tweed version and it’s supposed to be floppy. It will keep it’s shape if I put a lot into this bag yet – it’s a handbag and everyone has different preference of how an (expensive?)handbag should look like. This is not a structured bag compared to all other classic Chanel flap bags. So I got this bag insert organizerto keep my items organize inside but it doesn’t preserve the shape. I have said it before, but I almost always buy my designer bags gently used. If you are curious about the places I shop for handbags, be sure to check out this post and this post.

The Bagpads will be made according to the bag measurements to fit the bag perfectly. Demand for the bag has already outstripped supply. Shortages have resulted in waitlists, and of course the opportunity for resellers, making the Chanel 19 a worthy investment. Although designed during the Karl Lagerfeld era, unfortunately the launch post-dated his death. Indeed, the “19” in the name is in fact a tribute to his date of demise, as well as Coco Chanel’s date of birth and the year the bag released. Having said all of the above though, I do love this WOC.

chanel 19 bag review

Of course, it does not help that my Chanel 19 bag is a light shade of beige, which makes it even harder to keep the corners and the base in tip top condition. But even with darker colours, the fragile leather will not be entirely impervious to deterioration, although it will be less susceptible to colour transfer. While all of this may help to ease my mind, realistically, it only delays the inevitable.

The only downside is the lack of inner compartments. Aside from a small zip-up pocket, there are no other partitions. If like me, you tend to overfill your bags, but like to keep the contents tidy, you may find this structure mildly frustrating. Luckily, this can be easily fixed with a bag organiser, specific for the Chanel 19 bag. These tend to have additional pockets and, thus, provide a perfect antidote to clutter.

This can be easily seen even on the other letters on the fake Chanel 19 bag, and that’s because pretty much every letter on the fake Chanel bag is thicker than the letters on the authentic bag. As we said previously, we consider the inner tag to be the most reliable sign of fake Chanel bags. Then you are in the right place because we have prepared this article with the best spots you have to analyze in order to learn how to spot fake Chanel bags. Read more about learning how to authenticate various items. How it works The most trusted service in the industry, explained.