Salmon River Fly Box

Three large main compartments and numerous exterior attachment points provide plenty of storage space and quick access to the tools you need most. Fishpond Fly Fishing Sling Pack features a large center compartment for your fly box and a few other items too. At the same time, it features several zippered outer compartments for even more items and accessories.

My absolute favorite feature on the summit sling pack is the shoulder work area. There are times on the water it becomes a hassle to flip the bag around to grab stuff. The shoulder work area has accommodations for forceps, nippers, floatant, and an area to add ANOTHER fly patch for easy access. At the beginning of each fishing excursion, I try to load the shoulder fly patch with what I believe will work for that day. The Simms Dry Creek Z also comes with a neat slide-in pocket for your fly fishing net. On the inside, the sling features mesh pockets for storing small items.

Even better is that it has a zipper expansion option for those long haul trips. There are two external side pockets ideal for storing a fishing rod, water bottle, and pliers. You can keep your hands free with the right-side zippered pocket for holding your fishing rod. You can place the rod butt in this pocket and secure it with an adjustable bungee loop. When it comes to convenience on the water, Sling Packs are of the highest necessity. The convenience that Sling Packs bring to the table is unlike any other pack currently on the market.

To be clear, the AnglerDream Fly Fishing Check Pack is designed for right-handed people, so, if you are a lefty, this might not be the top option for you. That being said, if you are right-handed, you will love this chest pack. The shoulder strap is fully adjustable for size to make it fit right.

This sling bag is intended for right-handed people, so it won’t work too well for left-handed individuals. The Umpqua Steamboat Fly Fishing Sling Bag does have plenty of storage space, something we like. It features one large compartment for coats, lunch, and fishing accessories, and other things too.

It also has enough room for many other fishing accessories too. This is in part thanks to the various outer zippered compartments. You can carry this fly fishing sling bag with the help of an adjustable padded shoulder strap. The padding on the back and the shoulder strap enhances comfort when carrying.

The easiest way to organize it is to ask yourself which gear you will need at the water. Most of the time you will want to bring a number of fly boxes including a nymph box, a streamer box and a dry fly box. Your sling pack can also hold additional items such as tippet spools, pliers, sink leaders, or a pair of fishing sunglasses. The Simms Tributary features one main compartment and a small zippered exterior pocket. If you are looking for a straight forward, well made fly fishing sling pack, go for the Simms Tributary.

fishpond sling pack

It even comes with several cord loops, so you can hook on additional fly fishing accessories. As anglers, we are constantly making adjustments to take advantage of the conditions we find on the water. The Flathead Sling combines both agility, and ease of use in one comfortable system to give you unmatched access to your gear when you need it most. The sling’s ambidextrous design allows the pack to be carried on either shoulder with a quick flip of the strap. Its large clamshell opening and moveable interior dividers offer tremendous carrying capacity and an organized work station.