My Honest Review

This might be an obvious question, but black is the safest color you can get. Chanel in black melt with all your styles in the wardrobe, it looks great on everything. And if you don’t like it, there’s a huge market to re-sell it to someone else.

There are some clear visual similarities between the bags. Both have the distinctive diamond quilting, but in the case of the Chanel 19 bag, the quilting is substantially larger. The fascia of the bags is also alike in that both have a frontal flap, albeit the shape of the flap differs, especially near the lock.

Chanel’s backpacks have been popular for decades now, but they’re experiencing a particular resurgence at the moment. Here, you can see a fashion influencer carrying one around at fashion week. In the review, I’ve included some photos comparing the colour of my 19 bag to my Chanel Classic which definitely has warm yellow-ish beige finish. The main aspect distinguishing the Classic Flap from Chanel 19 is its overall feel. Chanel 19 has a soft and floppy structure, resulting in a relaxed and stylish, but somewhat informal, appearance.

The Chanel WOC, like the waist bag, has the size of a standard clutch, which will fit a mirror, a folding comb, passport, money, cards, phone, keys, some cosmetics, napkins. However, with the latest price increases, the jury’s out if a Chanel Classic Handbag is still worth it. Quality has always been hit or miss… and people have always complained about price increases. After three price increases in 2021, Chanel’s Classic Handbag are now $8,800 USD. Let’s go through the sizes, prices, and how to decide if a Chanel Classic Flap Handbag is worth it for you.

Before you criticise, please refer back to my other designer bag pieces and see that I’m not just buying this bag because I could. Each one of my bags I adore and use on a regular basis, and apart from a hardy backpack I use for travelling long distances, I don’t actually own any other bags. Kristen Nichols, editor-in-chief of the fashion portal Who What Wear, called the model the most fashionable bag of the decade. The expert notes that it was released in 2019 and is one of the latest bags of the French fashion house, which has become fashionable for a long time.

I also love this bag so much because of the mixed metals on the strap. The chain is a combination of both gold and silver which I think looks stunning. I also love that the strap has leather on it too so it’s not just all chain.

Conversely, the Classic Chanel bag is well known for its rigid silhouette with clearly defined lines, giving it its famed ultra-sophisticated look. In that respect, it is quite hard to choose between them, or say which one is the better option, because each is unique and exciting in its own way. The front of the Classic bag and Chanel 19 is comparable. Both bags feature the same closure mechanism, similar looking clasp and a quilted surface.

Lambskin is known to be the more luxurious type of leather. One that needs to be treated with just a little more TLC. Lambskin feels a lot richer to the touch, and is highly coveted for people who collect Chanel seriously. Smaller bags – like evening bags/special occasion bags look better in lambskin. So I was confident that buying from Vestiaire Collective would be a great way to find high quality, authentic designer bags for good deals. I know that there have been some negative points made about shopping on Vestiaire, but during my one purchase there, I didn’t experience anything like this.