Fodors Expert Luggage Reviews

All winnings in the slot are paid out per line bet, and all the symbols are tied in with the game’s theme. The baboon himself is the highest paying symbol, coughing up 500x your line bet for five, 200x for four, 100x for three. Christa Gardner – I can second Briggs and Riley although mine are feeling bit bulky these days. As an alternative I recently got a Baboon to the Moon Go Bag and I LO… The issues I’ve had in past relationships are the same issues I’ve had with past travel bags.

baboon to the moon review

I managed to get three days of clothing in it, and while it was filled to the absolute brim , it did the trick and wasn’t overly heavy to walk around with. As a small example of how detailed each piece’s design is, the pet carrier can latch to a car seat belt. The pet carrier sports sherpa bedding, a water-resistant lining, and ample storage pockets. In typical me fashion, I didn’t neatly fold or organize everything that I packed. Most of my clothing fit inside the Go-Bag’s main zippered compartment, which is located near the backpack straps on the duffel’s rear. The toiletries, notebook, and pen had their own smaller pockets to slide into.

This bag has four interior pockets and one zippered one on the exterior, but its largest compartment takes the main stage for packing items like clothing and electronics. The Go-Bag doesn’t feature any organizational dividers or larger pockets . I actually dig the larger open space, as it gave me more room to play with and supported my chaotic packing style. Baboon to the Moon bags the most esthetically pleasing adventure bags. I take my adventure bag on small casual trips in more rugged climates, It’s super useful when going camping, it fits everything you need and is super easy to carry around when hiking. Every time I see someone with a Baboon bag in public wither one of us would initiate a conversation.

Away luggage is beautiful and durable and is a fantastic option for multi-city travel involving traditional hotel stays. On the other hand, you may not choose Away for road tripping or camping, since it has the most sophisticated feel of our three options. I thought I’d make a post about my bag from them since there’s not much about the company out there, besides people asking if it’s good for them. I’m no hardcore one-bagger, I go on 3-5 day trips on a weekly basis.

We reviewed Away, Timbuk2, and Baboon To The Moon, to help you identify the best luggage for your next road trip. I want to be able to fit a pair of shoes, a camera, and a dopp kit along with clothes that will last 3-4 days. The Blue Baboon in the Big Balloon was such a fun read!