Aussie Suitcase Brand July Trunk Collection Drop

The front of the sleeve has a zippered compartment, perfect for cables or travel documents. Unzipping the compartment reveals a deep, lined compartment. It is large enough to hold two pairs of my size 11.5 shoes easily. With its zippered cover, this compartment would be great for small items.

In practice, this made a big difference in how we thought about packing, and made traveling less stressful. Sologaard says this carry-on holds enough clothes for between three and six days, which we found accurate. As travel season begins this summer, now is the right time to upgrade your older luggage, or get a good set that’ll last a lifetime. Whether you’re planning some long weekend trips this summer, or one full-blown vacation, you’ll want a solid carry-on.

If your carry-on is deemed too large, or there’s no space left in the overhead bins, you’ll likely be asked to check the bag in at your gate. If that’s the case, make sure to keep a tag on your carry-on, just in case. I love mine and will be recommending it to friends and family. As someone who’s had to bring luggage across all kinds of terrain, I was pleased to experience how versatile the Carry On Pro is. Its 360 degree wheels allow me to walk quickly, and in multiple directions, without feeling like I’m awkwardly pushing a broken grocery store trolley.

This online brand provides the sleekest and most stylish carry-ons to help you feel like a first-class passenger. Also, don’t forget to negotiate your terms if your business is doing well. “You should get a quote from different suppliers and go back to them and say, “Hey, I got a quote from this supplier, and it’s a lot cheaper.

Was the garment bag big enough, or would it crumple finery? For the most recent round of testing, once we’d narrowed our search down to 10 bags, we called each in from the manufacturer . After we had them all on hand, we weighed and measured the bags to see if they matched each company’s claims. We measured the external dimensions of the bag, but we also measured the internal dimensions, so that we could see which bag has the most usable packing space for the bag’s overall size. This procedure wasn’t as straightforward as it sounds, though, because bags aren’t perfect rectangles inside—the wheel wells and handle tracks encroach on the interior space.

We’ve traveled with this suitcase, and it passed all our tests with flying colors. Its wheels moved smoothly, the handle lifted easily to the appropriate height, and it was simple to program the luggage’s three-digit lock. We were especially impressed by this bag’s inner pocket, which is designed to house a battery pack. Once connected, you can plug your gadgets into a USB-A and USB-C port on the side of the luggage. Beyond being incredibly light (so important to me!), the suitcase has a couple special features that really impress me.

Even without raising funds, Richard Li said he would’ve started July anyway. He does admit July wouldn’t have grown so explosively so quickly. Still, that wouldn’t stop him from creating a unique and valuable product he knows consumers would appreciate. In August 2019, just six months after officially launching, July opened a physical store. Li wanted customers to be able to come into a store and experience the products in person. Li explained it took several months before they found the right manufacturer to bring their design to life.

Today, the brand continues to craft some of the finest pieces of luggage. Most often, these bags are splashed in Vuitton’s monogrammed or Damier Ebene canvas textiles. After four years of traveling, trekking, and touring with 18 packing cubes sets, the Eagle Creek Pack-It Original Cube Set is the one we want in our suitcases. The spinner model of the Platinum Elite has a unique magnetic locking system, which helps align the wheels along parallel axes.